What we missed? All about exploring.

Install wordpress saying but you and I live long enough to enjoy the 6009 human life just long enough we will miss out on that future of tense will we be missing you and I would probably be gone before the completion of the time period in Germany it will eventually be a pile of 120 country plots with the builders or only adding one block

 It is great to be completed in the 3183 the final block place by our great great great great great great more than 30 great grandchildren will miss an opportunity to frolic in play safely in the tunable exclusion zone zone of alienation radioactive contamination from the 1986 Global main at levels through the process human activity on till not filled for that reason not to 5000 se 6000 if you finally be safe probably in the year 22000 pass Hubli within our lifetime but definitely with the next 1 million years stores like be reduced and Erica reiner will it snow world in brilliant 

Beyond probability

supernovas visible from Earth find Bond I’m probably going to Mizoram event because for a few weeks or months as if earth has two sons despite being hundred thousands of years away with their supernovas will shine Brighter Than the pole moon at night it visible even during daytime tutorials casual comes in 3.75 million years Galaxy is full of stars from the surface of the earth look like drops of milk in the sky is why we called it the Milky Way galaxy for all galaxies are named after milk milk lactose let it go let it Outsourcing and every drop of milk in the sky and restore the you can see is inside our galaxy The milky way but there is a very distant shape this one it’s not restore its not required of gas in our galaxy a is an entirely different Galaxy 

Andromeda Galaxy it to have million why is away from around it and think twice as many stars as the Milky Way and it is coming our way it was at 300 K is a second faster than a bullet right now the sky looks like this into billion years and Ramarao approach to so closely with people will wake up in the sky and see this in 3.75 then use the Night Sky would be like a scene from a science fiction movie on awesome desktop wallpaper incredible and kinda scary after the scene the sky was literally be going with the purchase of new stars as the Nokia way and Andromeda collide mixing up into a brilliant cosmic Hai die simulation shows have and ram ram I collide with the Milky Way to keep in mind the you are watching billions of years pass every second these Galaxies are moving past but also you and covering even if you distances they will collide in the future within the weakness of a single human life they are almost Pro Amazon on will be a 

billionaire is after colliding because both galaxies will be married together in a bright glowing Centre now 8 steps to what was once Andromeda for the new family called milk from it would be so cool to be alive to see our Galaxy colliding with another former consumed by a period of missing out because life is around them would have 22 in BS4 they may have spectacular views with secret which date benebone and our time to experience the beginning of the end they were actually missile on a lot of things because the moon was one centimetre further away from our every year 600 million years from today the moon no longer because after the completely blocked out the sun uterus humans are the sentence of humans who care for missing out on a change that ever see for themselves to be urea wait Hotel Solar eclipse on the professor long before dries up Niagara Falls water falls for every quarter of the rock in the top of the false 148 backward all the way the lake erie and have no Niagara Falls it as an abortion rate of about 1 inch for 10000 years solved by the seven billion Rushmore especially its basis will no longer exist because this lovely get Golden or rejected in the space in 50 to 100 billionaires Satin bow no longer have its lovely rain so life on earth in the future might have awesome supernovas in collector collisions to look forward to but they probably won’t have Niagara Falls now much watt Solar eclipse is not seven springs also have you but you have you accept not always babies don’t begin the phone episodic memory is right away meaning that you missed out on you don’t remember two of the most similar ones in your life your conception and your birth but you can experience a bit of those moments right now possible when was I conceive Dhaka but you enter your birthday and get back the week your parents probably made you have that as well as the number one song in number 1 movie of them eat which may have also been bol why Travels quickly the most quickest in back but it can take a Boat on millions of viewers to escape from the interior of the star was created in the nuclear fusion it takes time just like your own gestation in your mother is well do we conceive protons struggle through a dense jungle of atoms and molecules electrons that observed when we omit the proton hittina Global energy from it as it randomly walls around my top 10 bol sometimes after thousands millions of years it’s rain the walk 


Finally with the surface of the star where it out in this space in a way is John ki tiny tiny tiny percentage importance the reach the surface of a star find themselves on a fact that will intersect with earth and if you are lucky if those patterns will end their journey by been observed on your own right now if you enter the date of birth for the approximate date of your conception in this online calculator you can find a store that is as many why is away from the earth as you are when you look up that started you seem like that left the story The very month you were born put on the left that for an interspace with your entire body was just one cell space is believed big and your wife is very short with space is so was gone did you don’t have to miss out on everything and always.

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