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After porting from home that you were talking about that anyone so let’s get started with number 10 block behind it has so much more than just cryptocurrency is it has become major combat into deep fakes and fake news by fingerprinting the video at source.

Blockchain trends

it leaves a trail that can be traced back easily with the widespread adoption of washing for transactions as it removes the need for an intermediary in a group security organization like action Jackson action and low prices and are currently working on a number of blockchain applications of blockchain market is expected to grow from print billion dollars in 2022 49.7 billion dollars by 2025 with CNG auto 60 7.3 % during 2020 to 2025 to get into blockchain.

YouTube experience with programming languages the fundamentals of Troops and relational database data structures web app development and networking next up at number 91 computing it is a form of computing that takes advantage of quantum phenomena like superposition and Quantum entanglement was also involved in preventing the spread.


coronavirus end Developer Console vaccines links with the ability to easily query analyser and exon Tera regardless of the source in banking and finance Quantum computing would help manage credit risk for high frequency trading and fraud detection quantum computers and now 2011 regular readers organisations like the plank Honeywell Microsoft interview as Google and many others are involved in making innovations in the field of quantum computing the revenues for the Global Quantum computing market or protect itself has 2.5 billion dollars by 2029 to get into Quantum computing unit have experience with quantum mechanics linear algebra probability information theory and machine learning now at number 8 we have 5G the technology of 3G and 4G have enabled us to browse the internet usage data driven services increase bandwidth for streaming on Spotify for YouTube and so much more similarly 50 services are expected to revolutionize our lives by nibandh services that rely on advanced.

Technologies like a or in the or alongside this game is services like Google failure Nvidia GeForce now and much more 5G is expected to be used in factories HD cameras at how to improve safety and traffic management smoke weed control in smart with just about every telecom company like Verizon temapl Apple to hear what are now working on trading 5G Applications by these services are expected to launch worldwide in 2021 with more than 50 operators of venture services in about 20 countries by the end of the elite volume 1 next number 7 the internet of things in 2020 12 volt into the intelligence of things as more and more devices become AI enabled iot Software and Hardware applications are expected to see WWE 12 princess changing industry dynamics economic stimulus and remote access demand iot is expected to be adopted by smart manufacturing and Healthcare and is expected to bring about industry 4.0 AI enabled medical devices can have applications for image recognition surgical assistant smart minutes and medicine companies like SAP Siemens IBM away in Cisco or working on making all new iot applications it is expected that the robust 35 billion iot devices installed worldwide by 2021 and 7544 billion by 2025 to get started with iot you need to learn about information Asian security AI and machine learning networking hardware interfacing business intelligence tools and you X + UI design next number 6 cyber security given the current scenario in for cyber security is going to be a major focus for many organisations had been increased focus on protecting smaller organisations from suicide websites on the internet is and devices of remote workers preventing access to conference of patient with protecting smart supply chains and so much more than a proper cyber security is so high that according to Cyber crime magazine is expected that by 2020 16 trillion dollars would be spent globally on cyber security some of the major players will in this industry of 14 at Cisco Microsoft Alto networks and Siwan to get started with cyber security unit skills like it and network fundamentals coding skills Cloud Security and malware analysis number 5 we have augmented with quality and extended reality in 2021 Express response if it has been for the integrated into our lives using working in tandem with some of the Other Technologies with mentioned in the list and the are expected to play a huge role in the field of Healthcare by providing training simulations of medical professionals and practitioners to perform.


 I just it is also to play a huge role in the educational structure greatly improving the interactivity the real video in gaming market is expected to grow to 2.9 and 2 billion in 1.1 respectively snap Microsoft AT&T and next Studios are some of the major companies working towards a r and the other skills like software development or we are making it support this 9 / graphics and Hardware engineering to work in this sector at night before we have done it is an emerging technology that several major industry-standard cyclone nation of distributed ledger Technology artificial intelligence extended reality and Quantum computing Accenture who introduced himself this technology is combined to have an enormous impact on technology is not primarily due to which the Healthcare industry where it is expected to deliver the cost of care improve labour productivity and enable better experience.

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