Things take personally | not the right choice.

Good evening good evening how are you welcome welcome welcome today’s match this match will take exactly 18 minutes ok and you open the same theme again I would like to see play on the field respect and positivity is ok for everyone 1 year ago I decided I wanted to become a football referee not because of the money I only get 820 I won’t really garage piravinai now I decided to become a referee with two other reasons What is saying to check because I wanted to learn how not to take things personally I can see some people knowing your problem is sinking Bina referee is the perfect environment to learn how not to take things personally is because the spectators hardly ever shroud encouraging positive things now.

Last minute I get the feeling that I am not important enough again I take it I take it personally even professionally I am a public speaker like to night this is what I do I give keynote speeches and I really like it as long as I can grow my audience into my story because this very very moment I see somebody is not paying attention for example when somebody is looking at his mouth it just happens I take it personally relax yourself to nice the very feel free to take your smartphones and you can you install talking to your neighbour I will not take it personally because now you are now I am sorry conscious That This can happen and more importantly I have a strategy to the weather a nice I would like to share this with you I guess I am not the only person.

 I sometimes take things personally right imagine imagine you invite your friend to go to the movies and she replies sorry I have to work but you see a picture on social media of her having dinner with some friends that is very nice imagine you have worked very hard on a project you really proud of the end result is the only thing you get is credited me so you come home I would like to wind share this terrible experience but while you’re telling your sorry your 12 way to switch on the TV now take one of these situations personally show me husband why do we Betrayed by the order that we believe that its The Other person’s force is responsible for we feel now ego ego Singh that others should take us into consideration aaega don’t want to be criticized have no ego wants to be acknowledged.

 I am right is this what you want do you want to be right exhausting when my ego takes over and finding all their struggle with the rest of the world and drains my energy easier to not take things personally because then no one has power over your free you experience much more harmony and connection between you and none of the people of course because your energy can go towards nice things instead of endlessly battling against things that drive you crazy I know some of you also thinking I will make sure I will be happy by being right how did it How to become happy by not taking things personally of the much of your life the match by which you will learn how to stop taking things personally I directory I brought my coin for the thoughts and every coin has two sides has to understand produced messages to no longer taking things personally you like it.

it has are you ready for this strategy can you come it’s not about me what do you mean it’s not about me doesn’t it because when I take things personally I am convinced it is about me when I see someone is looking at this for me I feel offended I think I put so much effort and time in this presentation I want respect I think and I didn’t facts it isn’t about me what if I try to look at it from the other person’s perspective asking myself why is looking at his office noufal maybe you just received in a message 1 year been waiting for the topic of my presentation is not really his cup of tea instead of O negative talking to each other and just then there and do you think must have now it is my new shoes and I wanted to know what do you think about me it takes a lot of effort to protect yourself and saying on I have never believe them might be laughing about something that has nothing to do with me seeing the positive intention of the other one requires a lot of discipline and xx and that’s why I became a Referee to train my brain not to take things personally I try my brain an hour and half yearly the entire period of a metal that is for the football the maze runner before the match I am warming up not only physically without CEO monthly I give myself a lot of things will be used during the game you are going to make decisions to someone not a grievous think that you know myself but don’t take it personally me.

just want to be right there is simply want their team to win when I focus on the intention of the person there is no need to take it personally look like this strategy very I feel much more ideas on the field to cause the players of the spectators do not agree with my decisions I am less easily switch off balance this strategy lies in gentleman words unfortunately because some words a sheltered me like you do really had enough you are listed as another hobby you know what girl fishing baby right I am honest it is about me I have to look in the mirror and question myself as big in referee I do feel insecure especially me I never played soccer it is about me because it has something to do with my insecurity I doubt about myself overboard of myself.

I haven’t come to terms with please see my point even if I know that a driver is only tailgating because he’s in a hurry I still take it personally Vahi hands over his head lights tour much question myself probably I was driving this lovely aware of this is just the ones I just like that film the power of myself why I should I take it personally right when I say that Men Are Foreign take this personally believe that in an orange and of course that you are you feel bad because of them which is likely not the case with me but but when someone says protect you also selfish.

which I will take it personally and it happens because I know there is some this is rooted in your childhood maybe you will never good enough when you came along with a nine of them they said and why not the 10 things personally somehow purchase Rona that’s the moment to give yourself from Embassy this had done unlocking so house for recognition you said I don’t care so why not speak up just told you are the one the what’s going on inside you I am I am in the middle of my story here and you you just walk away to switch on the way it is as if you don’t care about my sorry it’s a nice by opening up by being vulnerable by telling what you feel without blaming you are the one you increase the chance that the other one will understand you and take your needs into account a mean you can leave how not to take things personally 1 it’s not about me look at the other person’s intention if doesn’t work to it is about me give yourself MP3 and speak up letter please please do not take it personally but I really do hope that you will take a couple of things personally within the next out imagine just imagine if we could open this and practice that enhance our relationships enormously together we could create a better world and as a referee I even some money by the like 20 euros to learn how to take things personally show me hands shopian.

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