Blind material to like touch the walls and move around it is interesting I have left and long time Tyro thing I never be able to learn this and it took a no more coming back in time to learn to you will have to learn it properly so slowly Login on the Unreal engine asset store in US to check out right now it’s all good Sky jio good Sky good Sky so you should check out the sky news that plugin that is next i a lot easier as lord presets and you want to sit down its figure out which image to use Skype what the lighting of each element are don’t waste your time on you 4.26 is out I know but it won’t be used touching it for now I think when we start your actual the project will you do it 24.2 6.26 Today snow point right now why are static message look so bad in quality as Battuta play games play games have the same static measures with even better material that and more polygon difference in fact that a lot of stress on the unrelenting like this set are you some certain parts of the set set so see if you can find motor places will learn more about lighting so I could easily reach Vellore about lighting but we not control on lighting now Vishesh is not have a responsibility cheating that point it spotlights movable static lights so that you are not sure I have a lower number of people who recording in AP live sessions I hope is that there are actually doing the assignments at its very important for us we don’t know the assignments I don’t love just listen to me you better for the first time ever recorded doesn’t make makeadiff wise fantastic let me open my the best in the world is a ready the chat as you can see we are in the most powerful tool very old tool in the world oldest tools in the world right now adding something to get comfort at we are not learning theory one by one by one we will be tried that the first class did the devices get it is meant so much you like oh my god loan pass my head hurt so what we doing instead of just learning theory and then in a writing in exam at the end of the year is willing something and then learning something and between is very fast but there are some gaps in knowledge to write code write a specially build apps that it could be some gaps right cold relief faster you accumulate something called technical them so you just said that technical technical debt means there some bugs this hacking code that you’ve written whatever but it is learning because we have speed and running with bill level that without running too much of what happened is there are parts of theory that you that is from past to head or that is not letting you know I personally believe that learning all the theory in one straight line and then worked in a project most people will forget about it means you have stuck but you have lost some learning that Oreo update some learning that there is some learning that for you pay which means that things like lights you don’t know everything about life So what are the ways that I clear that is I read the documentation read documentation for you watch youtube videos from different perspectives member in the avalonmeta app we had the idea of view points for you and your role as those webinars only there are you sure that the best way is to read the documentation application read this means read the documentation so what read the documentation looks like this so I don’t know more about lights on religion Life OK to do this without you Onlite mobility for example can read about what is mobility means static the stationary in this study and learn more about in Unreal there’s a reason lesson 1 page each it’s not very difficult it was then for you to know each and everything and real but the best ways to treat a documentation one thing I’ve done is a printed the entire documentation is not with me right now but I have printed I have it somewhere in my cupboard so whenever I’m reading something I’m ok you’re OK what about Poonam building something for me I am not an environmental design that I really look at the with this documentary documentation tell you when I built the digital Maya thing I was looking for technology called is a blog in this like water in volumetric is called which allows you to read from a mobile phone Wi-Fi type so just read the documentation and I just went through it and area Order of programmer is not know everything right there office jobs in the knowledge and what separates the experts on the knobs are filled over time we will fill in the gaps to worry about the fact that I don’t know everything in this I am going to fill these gaps with your knowledge What is the best fertilizer for what is best if it would be just what do you guys think we can root what you guys think we can do today materials what is substance painter ok do something interesting piece of paper and a piece of paper boys you do some arts and crafts I have this mobile phone and I have a piece of paper and this piece of paper used to represent the texture of this mobile phone mobile phone as you all know it’s if I make it in Blender brick with yours rounded corners are very difficult to make a mobile how does an really know how to textured and especially white wall the textures look rectangular or square should have no 1 ground texture and architecture is rounds plus a little more it so how it works in 3D is that the actual model and then there is the texture on top of the entire piece of paper perfectly around this like this issue but this increases OK then 20220 creases now office I don’t have enough for the paper to wrap that it will find out where all the pieces are the goal in 3D is if you have back pain screen again if you have a model that is if you do this model has something called read information trees information may be sure which is where all should the texture wrap around and you get the hang out this eventually get the hang of information is known by its in Blender this the word used is called cricket cricket ball that middle part SIM is very can open something in a perfectly so that is what we usually have to create in Blender when we are and graphics in blender open plane 3D modelling Press like this I am gonna best ji and I’m going to make it bigger so as you can see it’s like just made candle type of the immediate and one-on-one access this tutorial and you but it has been addressed and type of the Piece of paper around and I don’t know whether it is usually what most people would do is table to something called UV unwrap uvw unwrap process where we have to speak texture piece of paper and on that you have those places which shows which area goes on what they called Pilots ride that process in Blender to extra something is to UV unwrap it marked the seeds and put them on a paper or a piece of paper called Island and that’s the text now you can go to UV mapping tutorial it takes to get used to it not something that anybody can do it security training in Blender software that I would say that people who live with model where we can use artificial intelligence sentences so you be is like xy and I will be going to watt UV unwrapping in a video on like menu Ludhiana but let’s assume we don’t know you and I are stupid new folder painting is called painting this year to call this candle making a trashcan ok and I’m just an expert on the Mac address if I have exported this as if it’s now what I need to do is any to unwrap uvw unwrap disincentives and this very important this seems are a part of the model the model of the mesh has the seeds contains the sea tide on measures the one that contains 80 the texture doesn’t tell the match weather scenes are the measures 20 is this and then separately the texture can contains the texture contains polite cal Island so in the case of a box usually to unwrap box the islands would look something like this manually or automatically decide if there is a box open ok file new ok you want to create a new document for importing you can go in important mis u creating a new text reading new set of materials and textures makeup materials and textures and put them together in a beard fashion or some combination of the committee so lets you set it as document resolution 102 is PVR metallic roughness because I think that they also likes another user’s It’s easy to get PR of NS 200 and summary side will it was he commercialize our work on substance painter licence no they want and we want to use check computer tangedco fragment this is something that requires don’t heroni to read too much into it is a standard requirements with resolution depends on how did you want to textures good studio Rose Day use 1023 use they are developed UK and elif ok Texas they will also textures depending on the setting the user puts his game we will show different textures ok but we will be have you know we don’t need really big textures because we are not building and triple a game which is tenant 1024 ok because itself and add a mesh painting stands for really good if you press F3 you will be able to see the islands as well as the how the unwrapping is happen if so as you can see substance painter has not unwrap this well and is a perfect example is the perfect opportunity to show you what bad unwrapping looks like I actually want to work with the badly on rap you because you be able to see De be like I understand by accident lawyer people’s heads and every tutorial shows you were perfectly and think so there never issues with ok and you don’t know what are the wrapping is because you never seen the case so I’m not sure what is free F2 for the normal view for the actual object you at 3 for the unwrap so F3 sorry if you would normally now I will tell you later we have four things we know about first one is colour it also called the diffuse maybe my handwriting should be bigger there is height which is something appearing to chat out that I will come to what will all these are there is roughness which is the opposite of how Chinese something is more profit is the lunch I need at roughness doesn’t the light falls on a letter of the grass doesn’t not glass something else really rough human skin is kind of graph doesn’t kind of bounds too much light of a brick aur odious thank you all and finally there is metallic which is how metal it is a feeling of metal that one more which is normal normal height of very different and will come to what you know the difference is in the and similarities are but in general what is no is it works on a black to white black to White ok bye normal is called Normal is coloured some people prefer black to White spectrum some people prefer call ok cool guys so how does make sense and substance open this so every layer in substance and to create a layer go here and you called paint players to just press had there anything she was in some so when you press at Leo and You Go Down you will see that there are five types of material is colour height roughness metal and normal normal is nrm in it so we have this 4 kind of things and Sprite painting on our Nights with one of these types of this only that same height switch off it doesn’t really without using a brush right now for height so we can choose either a minus one or a + 1 – and if you’re going on everything was going on features of plus one it comes outside call getting the hang out this now I don’t need your -1 in see you see what happen if you coming Shiny and insured plus one English Chinese and with very low of you can bring back the lost it looks nice send plastic plastic is the is the best kind of way to to describe a metal or nonmetal sorry and Hai matter and then there is normal normal normal normal but instead of colour we will take this and we will choose one the normal things that substance comes with a circle button pressed I like your painting something on but will give you something else we can use height in stock normal so don’t worry too much about this this is this Drag and drop it into material mode in the painted the colour to paint a single colour oil painting texture ok so I am going to throw a text in fact is called material here in substance to write using the word material is dropped it can see this nice metal texture but this is already is going on some reason substance painter is assigned a crease like this like this it is fine for it for the trees to be here here this is in the corner of the crease here for looks natural but if the crease in the middle it was like this animal that starts with this is because it has two different parts of the mobile phone

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