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The five biggest Technology Trends for 2021 features and business advisor and I help companies understand the major technology Trends and I captured this in my book Tech Trends and practice in which are located 25 biggest Technology Trends that will transform the next decade this was published just before the thunder make ahead and was surprised me that many of the Tech Trends I am talking about here has now been Fast Track and accelerated by companies to do. 

With this video is to look at the five megatrends that are helping businesses of all sizes and Shapes and all industries help with this new situation and a post coronavirus world trend that has been accelerated for 2021 is artificial intelligence and big data we now live in a world we need to make more real-time decision companies realise that even if I have lots of data that they had free pandemic is no longer relevant things are changing sofa store companies are now.

looking at streaming analytics analysing real time data thing only bass on the last 90 days instead of the last 10 years this is this is changed over and is bringing integrability from artificial intelligence as well so we can now put my blocks of our data analysis companies offering UT metadata Hue how is it that can look for twins themselves they can highlight things are happening something doesn’t wait here with big retailers are learning from the Systems by themselves with the systems which helped them the strength and cookies are going up alka-seltzer going up things are going down here any can react to this in real time also helps companies to know it was the economic reality of recession where they want to streamline business processes artificial intelligence is the most powerful Technologies humankind has ever had access.

 what I can now a days do is get it can we eat for us it can speak it can ride it can be seen analysing in terms of video and photography it can hear and all of this is completely transforming organisation and helping them to re-imagine and streamline the business processes and Technology trend for 2021 is robotic vehicle automation and drones book many companies are now realising is there has been an economic cost to the pandemic and the world economies are shrinking to winner facing recession and organisations need to really think about how they can both made and streamline and improve the business operations and robot and automated vehicles and bronze can help with all of this is that the company wants to take people out of unnecessary necessary steps in the business processes who along the supply chain companies like I am is not doing this very effectively without trying to put made as much of their houses as possible but they also taking this across and along the supply chain with a sign of potentially used round to deliver parcel where I live in the things we have already got wallboards Where are delivering my close to shopping to my door 4 has develop develop a robotic postman to deliver parcel even upstairs to People’s houses that looks of waste companies now we imagining the entire supply chain companies like u p s i using self Driving Truck companies like daimler already warning self Driving Truck companies like boys boys together with Google up building Self self floating ships that can 2016 the ocean solar business processes at ntp automated analysis that helping out with them so in Singapore the Boston Dynamics robot Ek Dor cold spot is now used to look at how people at here to social distancing in the park and the dog will use machine vision to detect of our people pass apart they find a cluster of large people would walk after the mental in that they are not allowed to do this or these items like he is now using sanitizing robot unauthorised all night long 3 tier terminal for the next day of operation so this is a major trend at Oakwood the strength in my book but this is one the historically been accelerator for 2021 that trend is the essay service for the cloud computing revolution that we’re experiencing at the moment movies seen again join this fundamental is that our work processes change people are now working from home people are now shopping completely differently and this is enabled by this new cloud infrastructure he just think about Zoom video conference calling was something that very few people take before the thunder Mein nowadays everyone is complete the used to them and zoom so excuse spike in the demand but because they have a cloud infrastructure in the background they could very easily as they gave their operations up to that deliver the demand the water so my first to text in the talks about artificial Intelligence and robotics and automation of reactors all of this is now also available as a service in cloud computing I can now go to companies like Microsoft Google Honda insight can you give me a robot if you want a security what over Housing Board you can simply when the as a service the company will come to you problem them for you and then you simply a bit like an employee you have same as long as you need them then you get them back if you don’t need them anymore official intelligence is also something scary for companies we can now send as a service so companies like and Microsoft Amazon Google offering these high-quality score if you want to have a recommendation engine on your website and recommend for similarity experience on Amazon Amazon no makes available for you as a service using the same powerful algorithm the using themselves to this for me some muscle strength will carry on in 2021 force trend is faster network in five Jeep basically this is enabling the previous Trends of a story about it so we need fast network to be able to work from home we need fast networks to access Cloud Computing we need fast network connectivity to have robot and car driving around in in in the open work and 5G enabled to all of this because 5 people basically mean that we have powerful fast connectivity faster than the water in the connectivity we have in our office is now a days with fibre optic line will have those on the go so it means that what what devices will have connected to the cloud lekin stream data analyse data and this is enabling everyone to access who the service lets talk about not in even in the confined offices of home homes but anyway they got the last trend think fast track for 2021 and one I cover my book is extended reality show how we use virtual and especially Augmented reality to change our behaviour is how we change your business processes again in my last month of about 5G 5G is enabling who committed reality and virtual reality anywhere so at the moment we are still can’t find 2122 virtual reality to cover any two I have strong Wi-Fi connections fast internet speed to computer processing available 5 p.m. fast network will mean we have this in the mobile environment my Facebook has just launched we are glasses that look like sunglasses technology is developing very fast and this is helping companies to re-imagine their business processes in the customer service experience especially movie flood in the fundamakers that we might not want to go into every tile shop we try on glasses we try on hands will be swear on close but reality and Augmented reality makes possible the way to the completely online in a virtual work we have a brochure Avatar The contrary or not we use Augmented reality retry on glasses make up anything we want to try we can try before we buy without HD interacting with any human being and this is a trend that will see much of acceleration in 2021 enable also to some extent changed for meetings we have a lump on the other meetings and team meeting for their role in teeth that they were on a screen in the future charge on an image or suffer Nifty 50 miles away in meeting rooms with people we have you can complete Uri imagine the whole event industry we can imagine going to in industry show meeting people for you do that in virtual reality friend I talked about in my book Tech trends in practice if you want to dive in more and see how many of his accelerated Tech Trends and learn more about them have a look at my YouTube channel where talk about the technology trends in more detail or have a look at my website where I can find thousands of articles.

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