Futuristic Gadgets we have to know about.

15 years ago the world is very different from now was no wonder the 21st century is the age of rapid technological progress in Singham mind blowing re so what do you think or will look like by 2025 it only more than five years from now but my where is account it’s going to be really exciting and five years let se solar panels will be fast of yours in energy after becoming the largest source of energy on the planet Which produced from Thomson Reuters are sure this will happen because of new materials with solar panels will be able to absorb sunlight and even when it’s over care augmented and virtual reality we become a thank today attapady new technology but 5 years from now will already be something everyone uses in everyday life UB of able to MP4

Microchips embedded in the osce and instead of paper or plastic guided by an excellent having all the functions will on the lake buzzer in improving the world cup internal organs you never by 2025 of this and more for become available to the masses and they not only get cheaper and more popular the problem of traffic jam syllabus of all the other with the growing demand for tribals cause and even flying cars I can avoid the human factor will decrease to America in census the main reason why traffic congestion even exist big cities were finally enjoy a relatively free road and we’ll be able to get things done on time here are a few will become a fading memory by 2025 

Electric and hydrogen powered vehicles gas powered once further and further out of the market or so solar powered cars were probably Bradley replacing all that only require sunlight can sometimes be charged before you can go please no more running out of fuel in the middle of Nowhere the internet of things for home smart smart buildings Siri does the day like Tony Stark Jaya best interview ever become everyone ultimate helper medicine was David is either even now more base metal made in this field in in 5 years that would find solutions to the most important issues were currently facing please include a cure for diabetes in many other conditions that affect humans for a long time already it’s not as easy as it would be cheaper but the main thing is that it will be found in the rest is a Maritime Human Genome most probably be cracked in only as a girl issues were made before genetic modifications of Bieber become available with those would be able to get rid of 40 square origin error conditions in children even before they’re born it is all over the world of discuss this possibility even today by 2025 the question should have a definite answer was finally become a thing of the past the same time zone weather report I told you about says that by 2025 biodegradable materials based on cell u loss will replace plastic packaging for purposes no more living the soil and oceans movie making a huge step towards a greener planet a new material feel like the only even notice the difference for you teleportation in Time Travel movie Aamir any longer have recently discovered that Quantum teleportation is possible for other particles between the previous day making it seem like time travel in the researchers stress the quantum experiments can prove that these things can actually be repeated in the material out the best but it’s really the ground in changes to the point and make them more resilient and found it while at the same time increasing the year the kind of for debate who have long since gone in everyone will be able the latest the progress of the most menial jobs on the market making humans Turner retention tomorrow intellectual and opening new opportunities for Revit learners everything I can be done by robot will not required human assistance any longer however in some speed please

Rabari it would be completely autonomous never have to be manipulated by the war that directly or by programming them to do with the required the open so no need to feel the robots will take away from us and add the unemployment rate speaking of learning new skills would be much easier in 5 years and today with the development of A and B are a which I told you even the most practical skills was needing your at were present in the teacher had to drive a car is a simulated right in the comfort of your home or have such a method to White Themselves after surroundings in the decision taken either by humans around them by the machine it’s 5G mobile internet connection would be a comment in most technologically advanced countries and cities with it takes about an hour to download a movie from the where it takes to a whole new level downloading the same movie in just a few seconds the connection speed of this network is simply a standing in a loss of all kinds of things to be done from real time broadcasting of sports event was done during the winter Olympics in Kyon changing in 2018 long distance manipulation of robotic surgeon by actual that it would become the preferred method of transferring money in between people and organisations you must have heard about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies those are based on the blockchain technology in sure your money making the operation and from that nobody knows your money is in your hair

Your photo of the year by by 2025 because it was slowly started decrease as the whole process would become more easily performed and are saying I’ll be able to see the stars for staying with us to be very expensive but it would be a beginning at her now maybe another decade will be wearing racket and why we find airplanes today what is going to happen in 5 years now in the comments if you want something new today then give this video a like and share with a friend 

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