Artificial intelligence from 2001 to 2020

Everyone who lauv ft wizkid without casuals for waiting line diagnose and treat patients manage repetition and analyse massive quantities of date in voice recognition systems whose sound mic and behave just like real people but when you City robot dogs and other pets who served as companions robots book dominate factories in the industry is teachers quotes for one person officer at least another professionals in 2050.

Our whole universe

Universal traders remove all language barriers in voice recognition API ubiquitous and presenters will be installed in our clothes homes in overall environment Tamanna revolving in a provides during was signed by 2050 on quantum computers based on the properties of quantum physics Computer is to deliver massively sinking feeling power outstripping any current transistor based models and computers will integrate in the humans friendships.

like your musk neuralink original article disorders like all summers icons in spinal cord injury and governance is benefits will allow people to come for computers and prosthetics with no physical interaction with 2050 vinati following things which remained in communicating through brain second year 2050 robotic prosthetics may be stronger and more advanced than on biological one processor is in use will enter the market trend line is indefinite and introduces like a virtual reality would be everywhere people and goods in virtual reality cause it in a hologram open place time.

when you love you are found was sitting still we would be able to travel the world in experience life on other When It’s All from home in Pune for 3 $320,000 ktra ktra aakos registered randhawa19 the number of is 2.3 million by 2025 EV sales reproductive system class 10 million in Dubai 2050 automobiles Gopi electric gas stations will disappear in the replaced with the eform13 stations refusing the Echoes in a syllabus 10 minutes automobiles to become driverless vehicles already available features that are available to you are the nation on the Society of Automotive engineers vehicle organisation banking other companies that use Google had invested millions of dollars and sense of tracking technology is expected that level 5 vehicles who provide consumers in the latter may 24 is income.

After 2013

commonplace in the 2013 by 2050 people would be happening in the car with steering wheel 2020 Matrix to put tribal Cross Country wedding packages in shipment with no human interaction Thrones who do the same for shorter distances by 2030 Swarm drones with children small packet is from blowing optical warehouses prove also be students in security runs along with drones for construction management in agriculture tools for electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft who provide transportation services working that protects your converted to them is massive in studies have revealed that the technology to become a highly profitable is Uber.

who wants to make a real writing a reality there is also a us to have the drum mic Arabic pop up concept between Airbus and other company succeed with you widespread adoption of the technology by 2030 series will likely a very taxis are everywhere but the mean of you I must say Saroj master 3D which means it were flying cars but he knows he believes we enter is tunnels right now you are must Brewing company is doing small experiment and cities if musk in significantly kadamban card by 2030 series 2 of thousands of underneath them another one of my sprinkles Hyperloop will revolutionize long distance when transportation.

Hyperloop the idea that you maglev high speed trains to speed up the 700 miles per hour in Los Angeles to San Francisco with your MI 43 minutes compared to a six-hour car ride by 2030 Hyperloop systems was certainly be constructed and replacing airplanes made into the most popular type of the long-distance domestic travel continents airplanes women dominate with improved batteries vkt electric airliners take to disguise in addition several companies are working to bring back Supersonic aircraft is kratos admin Airlines with most people judgemental realme 10 to 150 bike but safer Supersonic aircraft Sewing tricks dies or as an alternative to travel around in Rockets will you are must 12 Star ship to find people all around the world in one piece travel from.

New York to London in on May 29 minutes our energy system is transforming over the past decade the cost of solar power has Limited in improved since 2010 power renewable energy storage system is renewables me the way to access from Indian sunny days for quality home latest top with this research is developing new message to store large amounts of energy some examples include storing energy as heat in materials.


comprising air route running error in liquid remains to be seen in which method is best the solution was certainly be implemented in a future 2030 renewables expected to provide in nearly have power electricity but that’s not a solar and wind began to dominate the energy sector Fusion Power will rise to power is purely speculative 35 nations are collaborating on error at or near the billion-dollar project in friends to service the feasibility of using for power generation hi Rubal world by creating a tuition thought was inside an experimental machine the walls of the machine board Road p and t using it police team  witnesses Ordinance programmer itwould generate electricity with plasma is planned for December 2013 by 2030 vision of fully functional fusion PowerPoint operating efficiently than any other power source and history.

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