5 technologies for the latest 2021

Which is place the course is looking pura paper that is currently available Video showcasing new tech gadgets inventions the you can buy right now it’s funny but before we get started in the notification of the day.


Sun table is a new table like you be left out to us to bring Olympia teknos to eat your attitude relaxation time. this is a table that can be charged by the sun with a built-in Lithium battery repairing a beautiful JBL sound system in the built-in wireless charger for all your favourite devices this table looks like an ordinary autoexcitable it features the of Blow Your Mind has been an industry leader in 7000 for many years in the table has a powerful Bluetooth speaker built-in that is designed and engineered by the folks over at JBL in addition to this there is a shaded shelf to store your phone with which of the following is a water-based Raja the shaded portion the table control your phone does not heat from the sun rays will also keep it wise to buy used music the best part about this table is that it is 100% solar-powered so you never need to charge over you forget you now with tables also Splash proof so you never have to worry about leaving a nearby Aves justify found every purchase in the Google right now.


 specialises in making various types of small tables tables perfect for smart features to control your where is devices for going new technology in your home with companies sinhora worth reading these tables for the past 10 years in your true leading industry in a very table design that the lunch table is known as the classes which type of features in 86 inch 4A this point the office touch me capabilities and is designed for entertainment purposes it be loaded with various games and apps are you always have been entertaining games to play with friends or family in his version of be used by the people works in of adjustable user interface used by children jobs and everyone in between these tables are not cheap another person by person basis we estimate a likely caused several thousand Dollars but price is only available at everything at the company about your specific needs.


 6a that is a new technology the elaborate on a design that is been around for many years this device aims to help you make better use secure storage space in your home as it is designed to help you back button stuck in a relatively small space the device is compact and easy use it comes with straw bags the you can you store your where is belongings the idea is that this machine is be used with holding a bearing disposal close as you normally would place it into a bag with the machine to the rest will then use a powerful vacuum technology linens and reduces no space but this 70% to hack Thumbs up close all innings in a small space were having to worry about keeping them clean or away from moisture the bag do all this for you this machine can be found on indiegogo right now I just put it was so this would be difficult for most consumers but we should quickly because this one now.


 is a series is designed to be taken Bikes and barrels both the last being used for the 25,000 miles before needing to be replaced capsule Steel price in BD is your operate just informed them turn them on our Bond and write its very easy.


 4 This is only available on Amazon for $199 in SQL with features to make your life easier in excess of function to measure distances.

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